8 Killer ways about ‘How to Get Rid of Crabgrass’

So you really hate Crabgrass and you need help to get rid of it? Believe it or not, it’s possible and in this article, you will read about how to do that.

how to get rid of crabgrass
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The attractive and innocent-looking crabgrass can rapidly become the voracious bogeyman that can quickly eat your entire lawn. It can become a big problem during the summer because, in hot and dry conditions it’s able to grow forcefully before dying in the fall. A single weed can give out thousands of seeds that will be ready to grow in the following summer.

Actually, there are three types of people who want to get rid of Crabgrass:

  • Farmers who grow crops in the summers for cattle.
  • Environmental firms cleaning up oil spills.
  • Homeowners with a lawn full of crabgrass.

We are writing this article for everyone.

It’s true that Crabgrass doesn’t grow overnight, and you won’t get rid of it quickly either. But it’s possible to control and prevent its appearance, again and again, each year.

So you can take care of this innocent-looking devil right now just by following our tips. Most of these ways are for getting rid of it naturally. Without further ado, why don’t you start reading them:

1. Water more deeply but less frequently

One of the common mistakes every homemaker make is to water their lawns frequently and lightly. You just need to do a deep watering of your grass every few days, this discourages crabgrass. Deep watering encourages the grass to put down roots deeper.

2. Regularly use fertilizers for your grass type

Fertilizers actually encourage the growth of the grass, and the flush of new lawn grass will horde out crabgrass seedlings.

3. Select Grass Species suitable for your climate

If you choose a grass species according to your area’s climate, then it will easily set down roots and grow healthy. In return, it will provide less room for crabgrass to grow in your lawn.

4. Don’t let any garden spots uncovered for long

If possible, try to avoid this, because if you leave some open spots uncovered for long, then crabgrass will take root. You can fill these uncovered spots by overseeding in fall.

5. Use homemade eco-friendly crabgrass killer

There are lots of eco-friendly homemade crabgrass killers that you can use to get rid of crabgrass. Some of them are:

  • Vinegar – Use Vinegar or White vinegar on young crabgrass to kill it.
  • Boiling Water – Just boil some normal water and spray on the area with crabgrass.
  • Bleach – Put some bleach in a spray bottle and spray it where you wish to remove the crabgrass.
  • Salt – You can drop a pinch of salt on the spot where you want to kill crabgrass
  • Rubbing Alcohol – Spray Rubbing Alcohol on the crabgrass and it will suck the life out of it to kill it.
  • Cornmeal – Corn gluten is crabgrass birth control. It doesn’t kill the weed but controls it from developing again.
  • Newspaper – Put 4 thick sheets of newspaper over the area with crabgrass and it will die due to lack of sunlight

Note: No doubt that the areas treated with all the homemade weed killers work fine, but the area treated with boiled water still have no crabgrass growing

6. Mow High

One of the most important tip to get rid of crabgrass is to mow high. This means you need to leave the height of the grass about 2-3 inches. Doing this lets the grass save its own turf better, preventing crabgrass seeds getting any light which they require to germinate.

7. Use Herbicides

After giving your best, if you find that you’re not able to stop crabgrass from growing, then you can directly spray herbicides on the weed.

8. Remove Dead Crabgrass

Removing dead crabgrass plants from the field is as important as killing the weed. So, regularly look for dead grass and remove it from the field as it helps to recover lawn grass.

Additional Tip: If you regularly check your lawn and give more attention at a certain interval of time, then you can easily maintain your beautiful lawn grass.

Why don’t you try these tips and let us know whether any tip helped you get rid of Crabgrass? Also, don’t forget to check this article again for more tips. You can use the comment section to let us know your favorite tip to get rid of Crabgrass.

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