In our previous article we have shared tips on How to keep Deers away from your Garden and  today we decided to share answer to question i.e. How to Keep Rabbits out of your Lawn or Garden.

Rabbits are cute, soft and fuzzy right? But don’t get fooled by the cute faces of these critters. They can do lots of damage to your yard or garden.

Even they have the potentials to wipe out whole crops overnight. In a couple of hours, they can destroy any flower bed or vegetable garden.

how to get rid of rabbits naturally

Rabbits like young and tender shoots mean that once your plants passed the seedling age, they’re safe from these critters. Rabbits are addicted to beans, lettuce, and broccoli. Flowers they prefer to nibble include pansies, petunias, gazanias, and marigolds.

If you’re concerned about your vegetable garden or flower bed and want to keep rabbits away from the garden, then keep reading for some useful tips to make that thing happen.

But first, check out the signs of rabbits activity:

These critters feed at night and it’s very tough for you to spot rabbits in the garden. But there are some signs that help you to confirm the presence of these nasty critters in your garden.

  • Look for round fecal pellets (poop)
  • Rabbit fur or hair caught under nesting areas brush or bushes.
  • When the young plants  or tender shoots have completely vanished overnight like Swiss chard, pea, pepper seedlings.
  • Check out chewed plants. These critters have both lower and upper incisors, so when they eat, they make a clean cut.

So it’s confirmed that you find these signs in your garden that’s why you’re reading this paragraph. Don’t worry! We know how to deal with these nasty critters and to help you out we have listed all the ways in this article which you can start reading from upcoming line.

Tips to Keep Rabbits Away from the Garden.

1. Make Sure your Garden is not Rabbit Friendly

If you make your garden less rabbit friendly, then you can easily protect your property from these critters. Try to minimize hiding spots for Rabbits in your garden.

In case, you own a vegetable garden, make sure no gardening equipment or woodpiles is present. Completely remove the brush of wood, dense shrubs, and stands of tall weeds.

2. Use Repellents

It’s one of the easiest ways to get rid of the rabbits from your garden plants.

You just need to sprinkle human or pet hair, cat litter or a drived blood meal, sulfured eggs and garlic in a defensive circle around the flower bed, garden vegetable or shrubs.

Rabbits also do not like the smell of onions so you can also use that

Note: Make sure to sprinkle deterrents whenever it’s rain or you can also do that weekly.

3. Use Chemicals

You can place a piece of cloth soaked in ammonia around your garden.

To get good results you can use odor repellents carrying naphthalene or potassium salts or ammonium, as these chemicals help to protect your garden grass or plants in yard eaten by rabbits.

Note: Make sure to use these repellents or chemicals for garden and shouldn’t be used around pets.

4. Scare Tactics

One of the best scare tactics to scare a rabbit is to let your cat or dog a free run of the garden or yard.

You can also consider some other items like fake owls, aluminum pie pans, ultrasonic devices or flashing light for a short time. Once these critters realize the presence of a true threat, they’ll not ignore them.

5. Predators

Allow natural predators to deal with these bunnies. You can use foxes, snakes, hawks or even owls. Simply let them remain active in your neighborhood or yard and they will definitely control rabbits.

6. Plant Selection

Like humans, rabbits are very choosy while eating. So simply grow the plants that bunnies don’t like or places similar plants next to the one they like. This will definitely discourage rabbits from eating plants.

7. Fencing

Its one of the best human method which works fine when you want to keep rabbits away in certain areas. You can use this method in small areas like hay sheds, high-value crops, and home gardens.

Note: Rabbits can easily dig under the fence so to stop them from doing this try to bury the fence components at least 8-10 inches on the ground.

It’s not easy to keep rabbits away from the gardens, but by following these tips you will find that very fewer rabbits invading your gardens.

I hope these tips are really helpful to you. Let us know your opinion in the comments.