We have already covered different ways to kill ants in the house and now it’s time to cover tips on how to get rid of Pantry moth using homemade traps.

So horrible moths conquered your kitchen and you have start blaming you, that you have not been taking care of your home enough, don’t that.

Chances are high that these dreaded critters invade your home through a box of cereal you picked at the grocery or pasta.

Don’t believe me? Actually, it happens with me. Once I purchased the box of pasta and when I started using it the same night that creepy moth flew out of the box.

No doubt these creatures are very small in size, but once they invaded your house, you need to take care very seriously as well as organize that pantry.

The process requires some in depth cleaning to get rid of these critters, even it ends up throwing lots of food.

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To overcome this thing, I decided to cover a post feature some of the best Pantry Moth trap using which you can get rid of these dreaded moths and guess what? You don’t need to throw anything out of the kitchen.

But first, check out following remedies in case your pantry is free from moths and you don’t want them to invade your home.

  • Moth loves to hide in rice, cereal, pasta, and other grains as well as Dried Fruits and Nuts. So routine check all your dried food lying in your pantry.
  • If possible Vacuum out your complete pantry. This includes all shelves, hardware, and especially under shelving liners.
  • Brush cupboards with white vinegar because it’s very common place for hidden larvae.
  • Regularly wash all the containers lying in pantry with soapy or hot water
  • Keep the trash outside.

These tips are only helpful for you if your pantry is not invaded by Moth, but they are successful in doing that, then you can use Pantry Moth Traps to kick them out of the kitchen.

So without further ado, why don’t you check out all the traps listed below:

Homemade Pantry Moth Traps (Pheromone Moth Traps)

1. Terro Pantry Moth Traps

terro pantry moth traps

It’s a pheromone moth trap that attracts moths and kills them in no seconds. It contains powerful pheromone lure that attracts those dreaded moths to the sticky surface, moth stuck there and dies.

2. Safer Pantry Moth Trap

safer pantry moth trap

Like Terro, Pantry moth traps it’s also a pheromone trap. The single pack of this moth trap offers convenient and economical moth control solution flying around the pantry. This trap offers protection of 400 square feet. Each lure works up to 3 months.

3. Pro-Pest Pantry Moth Traps

pro-pest pantry moth trap

Pro-Pest Pantry Moth traps is another good pheromone moth trap which comes with ready to use. It attracts and captures Pantry, Flour, and Birdseed moths. It lasts up to two months, easy to use and non-toxic pesticide free.

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