12 Creative Indoor Garden Ideas for your Home Decor

If you are reading this that means you are looking for creative indoor garden decor ideas for your home.

We know everybody loves nature and greenery, but unfortunately, we can’t gaze at nature and on its greenery all the time. As we have to work in our offices and have to cook food for ourselves and for families, and do other such stuff based on our daily routines.

But you can build an Indoor Garden in your home or office.

And That’s why we have compiled some creative indoor gardening ideas for your office and home. Whereby You can enjoy the greenery all time and gain refreshing and pure air by the plants.

You can decorate your living room or bedroom also with the indoor plants and get a better interior without any problem.

You can change your whole house design according to your interior and area in which you are planning to build an indoor garden.

Why you should do Indoor Gardening? Because you will get fresh and pure air, which is good in every aspect of our physical and mental health, better interior and more positive vibes in your home.

You could make your indoor garden in your bedroom, living room, kitchen, balcony, on a wall, even on your ceiling… basically anywhere you want.

If you don’t have any idea about making an indoor garden, then you can check below as we have many idea’s about an indoor garden for you.

There are many amazing ideas for an indoor garden, try any of  these in your home and you can get a good looking indoor garden at you place.

Beautiful Indoor Garden Ideas

A simple & elegant way to grow at home via Bobedre. They brought some good looking houseplants on a shelf.

Indoor garden in living room

This is an IKEA idea for a home garden. Wooden floor, white interior, and some nice fresh green plants  – what else do I need to say…

Table terrarium
Cool indoor gardening

via katzekuchen

Grow indoor plants

A nice example of a hanging terrarium. You can get these terrarium pots from here. You just require a set of pots, thread string or fishing line, some decorative stones and small plants.

Grow easy House Plants

Wall gardening is one of my favorite Indoor gardening ideas. I would prefer this one in the kitchen or near the kitchen. You can grow fresh herbs like basil, chives, mint, oregano and so on… and use them in your meal.

Grow House Plants

Another idea of terrarium gardening via Ken Marten. In this they used large-sized terrarium pots and a variety of cactus with some different indoor plants.

Plants for Indoor Gardening

A mesmerizing view is not it? Wonderful indoor gardening idea shared by Design Sponge. Bunch of cute and beautiful small plants on the shelf of bathroom near the bathtub with a candle, an idea you must try!

Growing Indoor Plants in Bathroom

Another nice Bathroom gardening idea. Two different colored ladder shelves are used (as you can see one is blue and another one is white) in the bathroom with a bunch of houseplants on them. Interior of the bathroom is white and one ladder is white with white pots, whereas the towels and the other ladder is blue. It is a nice way to organize things.

Diy Wall Hanging Garden
Hanging garden diy

A step by step DIY guide shared on Homemade Modern with detailed images about how you can build a wall-hanging stand for your indoor plants. If you love diy garden decoration projects, then this is one you should look at and add in your DIY to-do list.

Grow Herbs Indoor in Kitchen
Modern look indoor garden

One more example of Indoor herb garden in kitchen, in this they hanged the pots next to a window in steel posts. These herb plants are looking so refreshing under the sun rays, and the steel pots are giving a premium and modern look to this herb garden.

This one you can use in your bedroom or living room with white interiors, white pots and some refreshing green plants. Or you can experiment with your interiors and find out what looks best.

We all should grow some houseplants at our home as they keep the air fresh and pure, helps to keep us breathing. Moreover, they can enrich your interiors also.

If you have more ideas of your own indoor garden, share them with us in comment section or on our facebook fan page. We would love to add your indoor garden ideas to our list (Images should be HQ). Have a great day.

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