Looking for some LED Grow lights so that your plants can grow well? Here in this article, you will find out some of the ‘Best LED Grow Lights’ on the market.

For the proper growth of the plants, it is very important to provide right nutrient at the right time.

The most up to date hydroponic technology are providing them the same thing flawlessly, even the modern airflow system also ensure that your plants are always cool and have required oxygen.

But without proper light, there is no importance of hydroponic technology as well as the airflow system. Now this is the reason why LED Grow lights are very vital in the growth of the plants.

What is LED Grow Lights?

For the users who’re not aware of the LED Grow Lights, it is the artificial light origin or electric light which is specially produced to stimulate the growth of the plants by providing an electromagnetic spectrum suitable for photosynthesis.

Grow lights are commonly used where there is a requirement of supplemental light or no naturally occurring light.

For example, in the Winters the daylight is not sufficient for the proper growth of the plant, in this situation grow lights is used to provide required light so that they can grow quickly and spindly.

If you are serious about gardening and for your indoor garden we recommend you to use at least 600W LED Grow Light.

Best LED Grow Lights for Plants (Vegetables and Flowers)

LED Grow Lights are trendy nowadays, but finding the best one is not simple as it sounds. So to make your job easier we decided to gather all the best LED Grow Lights in this resource.

We assure you that you will definitely find the Best and Top LED Grow Lights that which fit your needs.

So without further delay, why don’t you start checking our list:

1. Advanced Platinum Series P900 LED Grow Light

advanced platinum series p900 grow lights

It is one of the powerful LED Grow lights available in the market. It comes with highest PAR/Watt accompanied with 12-band spectrum. This Grow light by Advanced Platinum ensures the maximum yield with minimum heat and power usage.

It completely substitutes a conventional 1000w HPS grow light just by consuming 515 watts of the exact power and deliver you plants the required light which is sufficient to create a highest photosynthetic response.

It also comes with a dual light spectrum which is very useful for both flowering stage and vegetative growth. You can purchase it from amazon at the price of $949.

In case, you’re looking for a cheaper option, then you can also try Advanced Platinum Series P600 with 600 wattages and Advanced Platinum Series P300 with 300 wattages. You can purchase both of them from amazon at the price of $659 and $369 which is a little cheaper comparison to P900.

Buy from Amazon: P1200, P900, P600, P450

2. G8LED 600W LED Grow Light


G8LED 600W is another good grow light available in the market which is already awarded as the best LED grow light for the year 2016 by High Times Magazine.

From last eight years, this LED Grow light is delivering results at its best.

It comes with G8LED technology which makes it most efficient LED Grow Light system because of its high-quality 8-Band Wavelength Ratio as well as Ultraviolet (UV) and Infrared (IR). Go green just by plug it in.

It’s 600w Flower and Veg light is sufficient for the grow cycle as well as it delivers intense coverage for 18 square feet. At the time of flowering, you can add two 90W Red Flower boosters for maximum yield.

You can purchase G8LED 600W from Amazon at the price of $899. In case, you’re looking for the cheaper variant in the row, then go for G8LED 450W which cost around $599 on the amazon.

Buy from Amazon: G8LED 600, G8LED 450

3. California Lightworks SolarStrom 440W LED Light


California Lightworks SolarStrom 440 is another powerful LED Grow Light featuring 144 high flux bin OSRAM SSL emitters.

This LED Grow Light is the best option under 440 wattage for high yield. It designed in a manner to cover an area of 6′ x 6′ for vegetables and 3′ x 3′ for the flowers.

For developing higher potency which is essential for the plant growth, it comes with the unique supplemental UV-B mode. This is the only LED Grow Light available in the market that covers UVB spectrum. The SolarStrom apply the uncommon T8 fluorescent UVB bulbs blended into the fixture with a separate control.

Normally these UVB bulbs are turned ON at the finishing phase or in the final few weeks of the grow cycle to increase the harvest.

It is best for home to grow operations or medium size setups. You can purchase it from Amazon at the price of $899.

Buy from Amazon: California Lightworks 440W

4. MarsHydro Reflector LED Grow Light 410W

MarsHydro Reflector 410W

MarsHydro is one of the most reliable brands in the field of Grow lights serving the users from last seven years.

MarsHydro Reflector 410W featuring special reflector compact design, the switch of bloom/veg mode, high output, and more which as a result make this series perfect to provide grow light in a limited area or space.

It is designed in a manner that anyone can easily replace 450W HID/HPS/MH. It helps to obtain high efficiency and energy saving by providing you full spectrum ratio of red, blue, and white both for flowering and veg stages.

It is a good quality LED Grow Light with reasonable price. It cost you around $355 if you purchase it from the Amazing.

Buy from Amazon: MarsHydro Reflector 410W

5. Galaxyhyrdo LED Grow Light 300W

galaxyhyrdo led grow light

Wondering to move from HIDs to LED? You can give a try to Galaxyhyrdo LED Grow Light. It comes with 8 visible light bands as well as the colors which are required for the proper growth of the plants in both flowering and vegetative. It is featuring EpiLED lighting which is superior in comparison to normal LEDs.

The product also offers you Dimmer with wide dimmer capacity that helps to provide a gradual change in the intensity of the light. It also has various dimming level too.

If we talk about the sterilization then its comes with IR LEDs and UV which helps in the sterilization and also helps in the particular types of growth. The focus of this product is on blue and red light LEDs as both the lights play very important role in the growth of the plant.

It also comes with excellent fans which are required by the setup for the cooling the internal parts so that it can work more efficiently.

If we talk about the price, then it is very cheaper in comparison of other LED Grow Lights. You can grab it from Amazon at a price of around 87$.

Buy from Amazon: Galaxyhyrdo LED Grow Plant 300W

Final Thoughts

In this article, we have tried to cover all the best LED Grow Lights 2016. You can pick one for yourself which fulfill your requirement. In case, you want our personal opinion then, Advanced Platinum Series P900  recommended by us.

Let us know which LED Grow Light you purchased for your plants. If you have further queries, drop it in the comments.