5 Homemade Chemical Free Bug Repellents That Work

Repel bugs the green way!

Not only can insects be a nuisance in your garden, but they can ruin a perfect picnic or hike. Here are a few totally green, home remedy suggestions to repel insects without using toxic chemicals.

#1 Pepper Spray

This works great for ants and other small pests.

  • Boil 2 or 3 cups of water.
  • Add about ½ to 2/3 cup of chopped hot pepper. Let marinate for a few minutes.
  • Run the mixture thru a sieve to remove the peppers.
  • Put the liquid in a squirt bottle and use when necessary.
  • Be careful not to spray directly on foliage.

#2 Minty Soap Spray

This is great for ants.

This will also work to ward off other pests on foliage however be care when you spray it directly on your plants. It has been known to burn some plants if too much is applied.

#3 Pure Vanilla Extract

Dab a little on you wrists, neck and behind the ears. Many insects don’t like the smell.

#4 Chem-Free Bug Off Mist

  • Mix witch hazel with a few drops of tea tree oil, lavender oil, or peppermint oil in a squirt bottle.
  • Lightly mist your body.

You can also add one of these essential oils to an unscented organic lotion for a bug repelling moisturizer.

#5 Lavender Works Mosquito Miracles

Stop the bites!

  • Rub a lavender flower behind your ears, wrists and neck.
  • Not only will you smell great but mosquitoes will leave you alone.

Go Greener!

We don’t need to use spray’s and harmful chemicals to keep pests away. There are plenty of natural, toxin free solutions to control bugs this summer. Go greener, our planet will thank you!

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61 thoughts on “5 Homemade Chemical Free Bug Repellents That Work

  1. I use a chem free bug spray that is much stronger than the one listed above. Adding 3/4 cup mouth wash to 3. cups water and 10 drops tea tree oil, 10 drops lemongrass, 10 drops citronella, and 10 drops eucalyptus. This will work…You can also add the above sated essential oils to an extra virgin olive oil base or an unscented lotion base. To each there own.

  2. Chemical free is a lie. Also, I’d re-title the first one, so people don’t mace themselves. And, I’m not totally sure, but can totally check, capsicum may not have any affect on insects.

    An ACTUAL chemical free repellent would be something like one of those sound emitters that sound like dragon flies (supposedly)

  3. I ‘m always getting bit by knats and mosquitos,whenever I get bit by knats I get an allergic reaction and end up with welts all over my torso, I read somewhere about the mint and eucalyptus so, I started using eucalyptus and spearmint lotion or eucalyptus and mint lotion on my body before I go out and I haven’t gotten bit. I found the lotion at bath and body works. Try a small sample bottle see if it works for you, I also hang a bag of fresh basil in a piece of panty hose in front of my outside doors and it repels mosquitos. I use soapy water to kills bugs. First I put 10 pumps of soap in a spray bottle then I fill the bottle with warm water , shake and spray. It works. also you can try using cornmeal where you see ants inside your home. they take it back to the nest and share it, they cant digest the cornmeal and die. It takes a little more then a few days. try using it outside only if you dont get alot of rain it will. wash it away

  4. Well, if the vanilla works for you, why not get the best and most trusted vanilla for the past 143 years! Watkins Vanilla, the one your grandma and mom used. Check out my blog for more info. :)

  5. Something I have used to get rid of ants, both inside and out, is rock salt. I purchased a bag from wal-mart like you would use to melt ice on your porch or side walks. My fiancé had ants coming in around his kitchen window and sink and he (reluctantly) put the rock salt along the house outside, below the kitchen window and his ant problem was gone in no time…. He had doubts that it would work so he was pleasantly surprised. He had to apologize for doubting me ;-)-

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