It is just about time for most of the country to start planting seeds for a summer harvest.

While preparing your soil, keep in mind that your veggies need crucial nutrients to thrive. I suggest getting a test kit from your local nursery before planting. This way you wonโ€™t have to work around your plants while trying to enrich your soil.

If you have already planted your veggies and need to add nutrients, no worries, you just need to be a bit more careful. Here are few great, organic ways to raise the levels in your garden:

  • Nitrogen: add organic alfalfa
  • Potash: add seaweed, preferably a liquid version from the organic nursery
  • Magnesium: Use just a little Epsom salt or liquid seaweed.

Now back to PH: if you want to sweeten up your soil by lowering the PH add lime.

Or, if you have my problem and need to make it a bit more acidic add the contents of used tea bags.

And as always lots of compost tea as fertilizer.

Remember your soil is the house in which your veggies live and grow. The condition of it is going to ultimately determine whether your veggies are delicious or bitter, so take good care of your soil and it will take care of you!