One of the essential ingredients which plants require for their proper growth is water. Off course watering plants is not a big deal, but what if you’re heading out of town?

Do you have any plant sitter for watering plants in your absence? If not, then you can take help of Self-watering planters and pots.

Self-Watering Planters and Pots

Self-watering planters and pots is a revolutionary invention for the plant lovers as pots and planters help in providing the right amount of the water required by your indoor and outdoor plants in your absence so that they can grow very well.

Now if you’re reading this article, that means you’re aware of self-watering pots and planters and looking for some of the best so that you can leave your plants at home without any tension and enjoy the trip.

As there are thousands of pots and planters available on the web which you can pick for your plants, but in this article, we have covered some of the best one’s which actually payback for your money.

So without further delay, why don’t you start checking the first one:

1. Lechuza Delta Self-Watering Indoor Planter


Our list of best self-watering planters starts with Lechuza Delta Indoor planter. It is a delta shaped planter that comes with a water reservoir as well as featuring potting medium and water gauge.

When you’re away, this planter assures that your plants stay watered. It is made up of polypropylene which is durable and strong. It is very beautiful with an eye-catching glossy finishing which is perfect for indoors.

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2. Lechuza Puro All-In-One Texture Planter

Lechuza 13364 Puro 20 All-In-One Texture Planter, Slate

Puro All-In-One one of the popular self-watering planters used by the people normally for blooming plants, even it is the perfect option for any kind of table top display of plant leaves. It’s bold spherical shape accents your decoration.

It’s water reservoir transfer water needed by the plant by extending the time interval between the watering.

This planter also featuring water level that shows you need to refill the reservoir accompanied with inorganic pulverize compounds that help in delivering the exact amount of the water to the plant roots.

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3. Mini Deltini Self-watering planters by Lechuza


Before choosing a self-watering planter I always give preference to looks. As the look of the planter will enhance the beauty of my garden.  And what if I get a 2 in 1 combination of beautiful look and efficiency of work in the planter?

Incredible isn’t it?

With Lechuza Mini Deltini White High Self-watering Planters you will feel no different than that as the planters come with a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes. It cost around $17.91 on amazon.

But don’t think they are expensive. Lechuza’s aesthetic approach to its self-watering planters makes them worth buying and hence captured the space in my self-watering container’s list.

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4. EarthBox Container Gardening System


Deanna’s EarthBox photo journal inspired me to buy a self-watering planter for myself. And guess what, I am highly satisfied with it.

This is no doubt a very popular brand in the market and the planters are made by commercial farmers. They are in the business since 1994. No doubt they are the experts of it.

I have seen EarthBox container gardening system green in many places like schools, rooftop farms, balconies, and also at my neighbor’s garden.

The popularity of EarthBox forced me to keep it on the list.

Amazon Price: 32.95

5. GrowBox Garden Patch


It’s not that I am rhyming the products’ names but in actual the self-watering planters and pots are very efficient in their work.

I have used more than one Growbox planters and trust me they are similar to EarthBox only the biggest difference is the former’s water reservoir can be filled through an opening which is in the front of the container.

You can try GrowBox Garden Patch it is really affordable and last long. It comes with one nutrient patch cover and uses a common potting mix. It can hold four gallons of water and is available in green color.

6. Grobal Self-Watering Planter


These Grobal self-watering planters are the combination of super glossy look and long lasting body made of plastic which are the perfect fits for office chambers, drawing rooms, work desk etc.

The modern look and the size with perky high-gloss of the planters are well for chives, mint, cacti, lavender, orchids, bamboos and violets.

These planters are available in two different sizes that are- 7 inches and 4.5 inches

Amazon Price: $19.95

7. Ikea Jubal Self-Watering Plant Pot


The Ikea Jubal Self-watering plant pots are incredibly designed. They come in variant color and you can display the color of the pot through a hole where you will add the water.

The color can be changed from yellow to green and red just by replacing and turning the insider pot which has many colors.

These pots will surely turn the heads of your guests as like the brand name they are really unique in design.

Best suited for in-house décor and commercial settings.

8. Brookstone Self-Watering Planter


Brookstone self-watering plants are the best choice for those families who often go for vacations. The self-watering reservoir is really big and rectangular shape which will give you the privilege of keeping the plants wet for at least 2 weeks.

The rectangular shaped pot is 15.75 inches long and 5.75 inches wide and available in 8 colors.

The reservoir is separated from the soil by the specially formulated granular material. This material provides nutrition to the plants.

Amazon Price: $55

9. Misco Flare Self-Watering Planter


These planters are best fitted for persons like me who always want a cool look as well as good work by the planters.

Misco Flare Self-Watering Planters made by polypropylene plastic come in many sizes like- 16 inches, 13 inches, 11 inches, 9 inches, 7 inches and 5 inches.

Also, there are 4 earth-toned colors available- bronze, avocado, clay, and latte. All of the planters are easy to move as they are of only 2 pounds.

Amazon Price: $9.99

10. 3-Tier Indoor/Outdoor Self-Watering Planter


I just love these ones and who will not? A tower like the structure of the tiered planters makes it different from others. But, unfortunately, there are not many types are available in the market.

These pots are manufactured in Italy the country of design. The whole structure houses up to 10 small plants and the wheels that are attached with these planters are for easy portability.

3-Tier Indoor/Outdoor Self-Watering Planter product is only available in white and green.

Amazon Price: $19.97

11. Eva Solo Orchid Pot


While thinking of gardening an Orchid, most people give the excuse of that they are extremely delicate and hard to handle.

Well, I have around 15 orchids and trust me they are doing well as one thing I discovered is that they really don’t want to stand always in water.

Eva Solo Orchid Pots are designed keeping in mind the sensitiveness of the orchid plants. If you are a first-time orchid gardener you must try them out.

12. Easy Care Resin Wicker Square Planter


Easy Care Resin Wicker Square Planter is available in two colors- mocha and white and also in 2 sizes. These pots are UV-resistant and can water your plants sufficiently for 1-12 weeks.

Certainly, these are suitable for busy people who do not get much time to care for their plants. Also, you can garden big plants in these, and they have an integrated handle for easy moving.

Amazon Price: $99.95

We have suggested you all the best self-watering planters in this post, now it is upto you which one fits according to your need.