In our previous article, we have covered some of the tips on how to grow lots of tomatoes indoor in small area and today we come up with best ways to preserve tomatoes.

This is the time of the winter when you must store and preserve fresh vegetables for future use. Even if you do not like to can or store vegetables or you have never tried it before at your home, you can try these useful ways to preserving tomatoes will blow your mind.

best and easiest ways to preserve tomatoes

Canned or preserved tomatoes are very helpful for the gardeners who are planning to garden a lot of tomatoes this year or for the people who want to buy a bushel of tomatoes when the price is reasonable.

Often the restaurant owners preserve tomatoes for the whole year so that they can use it in their recipes without any trouble of supply.

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So without further delay why don’t you start reading these useful ways to preserve tomatoes

1. Use Traditional Method for Canning the Tomatoes

Canning tomatoes in the old fashioned way is the most suitable and fun way to keep your entire year supply of tomatoes.

As the tomatoes contain acids they do not need to be forced for canning. Just use a water bath canner for boiling the tomatoes for 40 to 45miutes.

After boiling the tomatoes you can put them in the glass jars and pour the boiling water in it. Then close the lid tightly so that air cannot enter or exit from the container.

One more important thing is to apply a little amount of lemon juice and a pinch of salt in the containers before pouring on the tomatoes as it will keep them fresh for nearly 1 year.

2. Freeze sliced tomatoes to use it throughout the year

I know there are some folks who want to freeze rather than can tomatoes. Though it is true that canned tomatoes taste better than frozen ones.

Freezing sliced tomatoes is a very easy process. Just cut a small slot at the below portion of each tomato and then boil them until you can see the skins are coming out.

Then put them in cold water to stop boiling further, and after some minutes peel out the skins with your hand or spoon.

Then remove the seeds and cut the tomatoes. The next step is adding them into freezer bags and storing them in the freezer.

Always make sure the container bags do not include much air in them, so squeeze the excess air before storing.

3. Freezing the cherry tomatoes for future use

The cherry tomatoes are very easy to preserve. There is no need of blanching or peeling the tomatoes, simply you can freeze them whole.

That’s why freezing cherry tomatoes has the fastest process.  To freeze them wash the tomatoes thoroughly then after soaking a bit lay them on a cookie sheet.

Now place the cookie sheet entirely into the freezer. Make sure the tomatoes are kept separately so that they do not freeze in clumps.

Freeze them until a thin white layer of ice cover them (believe me it will keep the tomatoes fresh).

After freezing simply put them in containers and again put them into the freezer and enjoy them for the entire year.

4. Preserve tomato paste

Tomato pastes are used in mostly all recipes so preserving them will be a great idea.

To make your own tomato paste at home start with peeling them and removing the seeds.

Then chop them into very little pieces so that you can smash them easily. For reach tomato flavor just keep the skins and seeds intact.

Then after smashing the tomatoes put them in a large pan add some salt and cook them until the whole dish thickens and form a paste.

Once the tomatoes are properly cooked, cool them and put them in the place of ice cubes and freeze them.

After freezing you can take out the tomato cubes and store them in a freezer bag.

5. Sun-dried Tomatoes

One of the best ways to preserve tomato is by drying them under the sun. You can also use a dehydrator or you can dry them in the oven.

Wash the tomatoes thoroughly and then after soaking cut them in small pieces. While cutting make sure to remove all the seeds and then add your spices like salt, pepper, oregano, thyme, lemon basil etc.

It takes 8 hours to dry tomatoes in a dehydrator and 12 hours in an oven. But in case you want to dry them out in the sun then be sure that the humidity level is low otherwise the tomatoes will not get dried properly.

Also while drying, ensure arranging them properly and turn them occasionally so they get enough heat to dry themselves. It will also enhance the flavor in them. 

6. Tomato ketchup- The best way to preserve Tomatoes

Is there anyone who does not love tomato ketchup? I don’t think so and that is why preserving tomato ketchup is the best idea.

To make the tomato ketchup, wash the tomatoes and then cut a small slot on the below portion of each tomato. Then boil them in a large pan until the skin starts to come out.

When the skin starts to come out, put the tomatoes in cold water so that you can restrict further cooking and peel off the skin properly.

Then remove the seeds and squeeze the excess water by not wasting the pulp. Then add the seasoning you want to include in the ketchup and the boiling water with the tomatoes in a pan. Put that pan on a medium heat.

You can add onions, sugar, salt and other key ingredients, then cook it until the entire solution thickens.

After cooling it down preserve it in the freeze and enjoy.

7. Canning Tomatoes without using Canners

Yes, you can obviously preserve tomatoes without canners and that is also too in a very easy way.

For canning the tomatoes without canners, clean the tomatoes and then slightly make a cut on each tomato and put them to boil until the skin starts to come out.

Then put the tomatoes in cold water so that the peeling process becomes easier.

After that remove the seeds and use lemon juice and a pinch of salt in all the containers, and put the peeled tomatoes and close the lid tightly.

Closing it tightly will eliminate the chance of misplacing of the tomatoes in the jar.

8. Herb Tomato sauce

Making the herb tomato sauce is very easy and it tastes good also.

To peel the tomatoes use the previous method and after peeling remove the seeds but make sure you do not waste the pulp.

Then cut the tomatoes into very small pieces. To make the sauce ass olive oil, onions, garlic and your favorite herbs with the tomatoes and cook them for two hours.

When the whole solution thickens like a sauce, put it aside for cooling.

And then you can preserve the sauce in the freeze in glass jars. Always preserve the sauce by keeping half inch space from the lid.

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Now, you can eat it throughout the year whenever you want. Let us know what other ways you’re using to preserve tomatoes.