Homemade Organic Shaving CreamThis is a bit off the subject, but I wanted to start talking about organic products you can make yourself, at home. A lot of people have asked about organic shaving cream, shampoo, and the like, so here goes my first recipe: GardenMandy’s Homemade Organic Shaving Cream!

When I decided to start making homemade personal hygiene products I had a little bit of trouble finding recipes for organic shaving cream. Luckily, my Aunt was there to help. Here’s an old family recipe I learned from my grandfather for homemade organic shaving cream:

  • 2tbsp of beeswax
  • 2 tbsp of jojoba oil
  • 1 cup of hot water
  • 1tsp baking soda
  • 2 tbsp castile soap

In a double broiler heat the beeswax and oil over medium heat until it appears clear. If you want to scent your cream now is the time to add the essential oil.

In a separate bowl mix hot water, baking soda and Castile soap. Stir until soap and baking soda are dissolved. Next, you can either pour the solution into the blender or you can also use a hand mixer. Either way make sure to mix well. After the solution is thoroughly mixed, slowly pour the beeswax over the mixture and blend well.

Pour into a container and allow to cool.

This recipe also makes for a great gift with shaving mug and brush.