We all want a beautiful garden with full of greenery, flowery and fruity plants. We contribute our lots of time, patience and efforts to build a green garden which should also be safe.

keep away deers from your garden using simple repellent
In 2004, only in UK 3,00,000 individuals suffered from garden injuries as per BBC report. They have issued a guide regarding how to prevent yourself from garden accidents and injuries.

For safety and prevention from unwanted injuries and accidents in your garden you must follow these gardening tips.

Apart from these accidents there is one more serious problem regarding gardening. Deers can destroy your beautiful, green and dreamy garden in front of you and if hard to stop them.

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We know that they love fruity and flowery plants and you couldn’t stand all time into yard to protect the plants but without protection you’ll lose your garden.

You can try some of these tricks to repel deer from your yard or garden for the safety. These ideas are very easy and effective.

  1. Don’t fill your Garden in a large scale with Tasty plants.

No doubt,  they are pretty, but they ravage your garden. Deer’s commonly attract on the sweet and tasty plants. If you want that the deer stay away from your garden.

If you are interested in indoor gardening and don’t know yet which indoor plants easy to grow then you should take a look at our previous post.

So, keep avoiding to grow sweet and tasty plants in your garden or yard.

Think twice about growing beans, english ivy, peas and lettuces in a large scale. The strawberry flavor and Peaches and sweetness easily attract the deers into the garden.

Fruit trees are  the prime target of the deers.

But, It doesn’t mean that you’ll never grow sweet or fruity plants in your garden.  You can grow, but on a small scale or inside of your house.

  1. Use Human hairs as a Deterrent in your Garden.

Human hairs worked as a deter in your garden to keep away the deers from the plants.  It is easy and effective idea to repel the deers. Get some hairs, which easily found to your local barber and spread them into the garden or surrounding area of the plants.

Deers don’t like the hairs and hairy areas.  That’s why we can use human hairs as a deer repellent.You can also use some socks and stockings for more efficient results.

You can fill up your old socks and stockings with your remaining hairs and make ends thicker. But make sure your socks and stocking must be colorful and attractive. It helps to keep deer away and make your garden more beautiful.

  1. Use Hot Pepper spray

A Hot pepper spray helps you to away deers from your yard. Spray it on the leaves of plants. Deers mostly like the sweet plants so spray it more on the sweet plants in your garden.

You can also use garlic, urine, blood and bones,  fish head  as a deer repellent.  Deers don’t like hard smells in that case, urine and garlic work properly to away deers from your yard.

Garlic spray also helps in killing and get rid of ants from gardens, you can take a look at some more ways to get rid of ants.

Avoid chemical sprays because its reduce the grossness of the soil and also harm the plants. Only in an emergency, you can use the chemical spray.

  1. Use light and barrier.

With the help of light and barriers you can deter the deers. Barriers’ best way to stop deers but remember that use  eight feet high barriers because deers can jump easily with the small barriers.

If you can’t use the barriers than you could try the lights,  deers mostly came into the night and we can’t stay all time over there to stop them at night.  In that case highlights helps to keep away deers because they have a fear with lights.

An electric fence with small charge tend also work well to stop them.  Covered your garden with the electric fence on all sides and keep your garden safe.

  1. Keep a Dog!

Deer dislike dogs’  they never came in that place where’s stay a dog because dogs is a natural predator of deers.  So that deer have fear with the dogs.  But a dog need space and free in to yard.

If you keep chained up the dog in your house, so he can’t do much better in chained up or locked.  Leave him free in your beautiful garden and keep safe in your yard with the deers. This is an easy and the best way for the safety of your garden.

  1. Avoid feed Deer

If you don’t want to face a deer in your garden, then never feed a deer. Don’t give them food. If you are doing something like this, then immediately stop your self.

Because this type of your behavior attracts the deer’s in your yard. If you feed them They’ll think there is the source of food and they come again and again in your garden for food.  Then You have to avoid feeding the deers.

Keep them away by using this kind of trick and keep your garden safe and make it beautiful. I am sure this trick really help’s  you to keep away the deers from your garden and you feel.

  1. Use soap as a Deter

You can also use soap as a deter in your garden. Hang a bar of soap on the branches of the plants. A best way to keep deer away from the yard.  Soap is easily available in your home.

Deer don’t like soap’s fragrant, If you use the soap and hang it on the tree then you should keep away the deer from the garden.

Remember, hang the bar on a small height of the trees. Because when the deer try to eat the leaves of the plant that time they feel the fragrance of the soap and go away from the plant and your plant will safe, because they dislike the soap fragrance.

This is a easiest trick or idea in our list to keep safe your beautiful garden. I am sure this trick makes you feel happy.