One of our site regular reader asked us a question i.e. How to Grow Lots of Tomatoes in Very Small Area? Now we find this question very interesting and by keeping this thing in mind. If you’re reading this article, that means you’re also looking for the same thing. So keep reading.

One of the best thing which most of the gardeners love is to take the first bite of delicious tomato that they have grown themselves. The tomatoes which they have grown themselves gives you the exact essence of summer tang.

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As a gardener, you also want to grow tomatoes at your home, but due to very small or nearly non-existent garden space not able to do that, then you will definitely find the upcoming lines of this article useful.

How to Grow Lots of Tomatoes in Small Area

Even if your garden space is very small, still you can grow lots of juicy tomatoes in planter, pots, and container. All you need to do is to follow the useful tips or ways to grow lots of juicy tomatoes in a small area.

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So without further delay why don’t you start reading the tips:

Tips to Grow Lots of Juicy Tomatoes in Small Area

1. Best Time and Climate to Grow Tomatoes

Do not start planting the tomatoes too earlier ahead of the season, except you live in the area with a warm climate. If you do so, your tomatoes will be opened to accidental cold temperatures and late frost.

One of the best time which is used by most of the gardeners for planting tomatoes is when temperature of your area stays above 50F (10C).

2. Go Deep While Planting Tomatoes

Unlike other plants, while planting tomatoes, it is highly recommended to plant tomatoes deeply. Anything that you plant deeply will deliver you strong and healthy root system. While planting tomatoes cover the base (2/3) of your tomato seedling with potting soil.

Before planting the tomatoes, make sure to remove the lower leaves of the tomato plant. Also at the time of planting, bury the stem vertically so that more roots can form.

3. Determine Varieties of Tomatoes and Select the One Which Fits Best

If you really want to grow more tomatoes, then it is very important to know the different varieties of the tomatoes available and find the one one fits best in your garden space as well as taste.

The determinate tomatoes grow to a particular size and produce all their fruit at the same time, and then stop growing. Due to their small size, no support is required.

The other compact varieties like Better Bush, Bush Beefsteak, Patio Hybrid, and Bush Early Girl can easily grow in the garden with less space or in the container gardens. Tumbling Tom and Red Robin varieties can even grow well in hanging baskets.

So in this case you need to go with the compact varieties of the tomatoes.

Note: Indeterminate tomatoes grow upto 6 feet and spread a lot and due to this reason, it is not a good idea to grow this variety in the garden with small space.

4. Maintain Right Space Between Tomato Plants

It is highly recommended to leave the space of 18-24 inches between tomato plants, if possible. The Tomato plants which grow very close to each other are less productive and liable to suffer from fungal diseases.

In case, If you’re wondering to grow tomatoes on the small balcony, then you can consider growing smaller varieties of the tomatoes more closely. You can go with cherry tomatoes, but keep in mind that, this variety of tomatoes require more attention, water, fertilizer, and pruning.

5. Require Right Pruning or Trimming

Pruning is not required except you’re planting tomatoes too closely. Trim the tangling branches obstructing the flow of the air and penetration of the sun.

If possible, remove emerging stems or suckers upto 6 to 8 inches under every tomato plant. By doing this you will enhance the tomato plant productivity.

6. Grow Tomatoes in the Large Pots or Containers

For growing tomatoes, you must use large size pots. Five-gallon pot is perfect for growing tomatoes. Make sure it is 12 inches deep and wide for a single tomato plant of determinate variety.

For growing indeterminate variety of tomatoes, you can use container minimum of 15-gallon in size.

7. Avoid Caging while Planting Tomatoes

Caging requires lots of space so instead of taking help of it, you must support tomato plants by stacking. In case, you’re growing tomato plants on the balcony due to less space, then it is highly recommended to tie them up to the railing.

8. More Sunlight

Tomato plants love sunlight so more the sunlight you provide them, more sunlight it will soak and more tomatoes the plant will produce.

9. Use Soilless Potting Mix

If you really want to some good results and want to increase the production of the tomatoes, then you can use Soilless Potting Mix. If possible make a Soilless Potting Mix at home or buy it from the market.

10. Take Care of Soil pH

For the proper growth and productivity of tomatoes, it is very important to take care of the pH of the soil in which you’re going to plant Tomatoes. The ideal pH of the soil for Tomatoes is around 6 to 6.8 (Slightly acidic to neutral).

11. Use Vermicompost and Worm Casting

You can add vermicompost or worm casting into the soil. If possible, you can put some worms into the soil for better production of the Tomatoes.

12. Watering is Required Every Day

Every plant requires watering for the proper growth and same is in the case of Tomato plant. When you’re planting Tomatoes in the container, then watering is required every morning. Daily in the summers and in tropics you need to watering twice a week.

If possible avoid overhead watering. Wetting the leaves of the tomato plant is not a good practice as well stems and leaves are more likely to diseases.

13. Use Tomato Feed for Fertilizing

To fertilize your tomato plants, you can take help of tomato feed. Employ less dose of the feed as mentioned on the packet but more frequently. If possible apply half of the prescribed dose but twice.

14. Provide Sufficient Nutrients

While planting tomatoes, put two or three crushed chicken egg shell in the bottom. By doing this you will provide a regular supply of calcium and minerals to the tomato plants.

It is a very vital element in the intake of the nutrients. Also, Calcium protects the tomato plant from the heat stress and improve the quality of the fruit.

15. Use Bonemeal While Planting 

Soil play an essential role in the growth of the Tomato plant, and if soil lacks calcium, then it can affect the fruit. So to improve the quality of the soil, you can sprinkle bonemeal while planting the tomatoes.

Bonemeal is well known the organic product that delivers a steady and slow supply of phosphorus to the tomato plant. Also, it is also rich in calcium and phosphorus.

16. Use Epsom Salt for Tomatoes

For seed germination and the production of the chlorophyll, which helps in transporting calcium into the upper part of the tomato which also in return help in the intake of required nutrients.

In case, soil is not Magnesium rich, then you can use Epsom salt in the soil to deliver the Magnesium. Epsom salt consists of 10% of magnesium and 13% of sulfur. It is also called as Magnesium sulfate, which is well known water-soluble crystalline fertilizer.

17. Mulching is Also Required

Mulching is an essential part in the proper growth of the Tomatoes. For, mulching you can take employ crushed egg shell, organic matter, and the tea or coffee ground.

So this is how you can grow lots of tomatoes in very small area. All these tips are very useful and effective and if you employ as mentioned in the article, then you will definitely notice some good result.

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Why don’t you give a try to these tips for growing tomatoes in the garden with very small space.