The mouse is such a cute creature Until he starts eating and contaminating the food in the kitchen or frightening to bite the baby.

best humane mouse trap
Image: Warner Bros.

If you ask your friends, they will certainly suggest you set up a toxic mouse trap: problem solved.

What if your little kids or your pet finds this poison and eat? Death is guaranteed. Also, poison is harmful to the environment.

In case, you love all the small creatures and want to get rid of nasty rats without hurting them, then humane mouse traps designed for peoples like you. There are many mouse traps created by humans that can be used to catch the mice.

On the other hand, If you want fast result, and want to get rid of mice asap. You can try some mouse poisons, some people counts this under cruelty but that’s your choice to use on of these best mouse poison or not.

Here in this article, we narrowed down the list of some of the best humane mouse traps. The good thing about these mouse traps is that all of them helps you to catch the mouse without killing them.

So here goes the first one:

1. Simple 2L Humane Mousetrap

It’s one of the best and easy to make a humane mouse trap.

Anyone can create it at home, easy to bait, easy to set free and there are no levers or springs to load or wind up. When the mouse enters into the bottle, it’s impossible for him to escape out of it.

Once the mouse is captured it will remain calm, as there are no snapping latches or slamming doors to scare him.

The good thing is that mice can be released easily and calmly without having a fear of getting bitten.

Note: You can use peanut butter to bait the mouse.

You can check the video about how it works and how you can create it.

2. Havahart Mouse Trap

The Havahart Mouse Trap is the best solutions for those who don’t want to hurt this cute creature in any manner.

This mouse trap is very hard and sturdy because it’s made up of wire mesh and reinforced with steel. It is safe for both mice as well as family members due to its design. It has two due and mice can enter into the trap from either side.

The bait table is inside of the trap and is connected to the door by strong wire.

Once the mouse enters the trap and triggers the spring mechanism, the door of the tap get closed. You check video on how to set it up:

3. Peta Humane Smart Mousetrap

It’s small and easy to use smart mousetrap which is made up of plastic. Just place the Mousetrap inside of your home, wait for the mouse to enter the trap.

Once they have been caught, go outside and release them touching. The Smart Mousetrap is reliable, reusable, and ready to catch any mouse that comes inside your home.

Catching a mouse using this smart Mousetrap is an extremely easy task. You will also receive the Rats and Mice guide sheet when you buy this trap. Check it, how it works:

Note: Make sure to frequently check the trap so that mice won’t suffer needlessly

4. Mice Cube Mouse Trap

It is one of the best and easy to use human, mouse trap available on the market, made up of a hard plastic rectangular box.

It’s very small in size featuring the one-way door that let mouse find out any bait that you leave behind.

Once mice enter this trap, they won’t be able to get out of it without your help. For that, take the trap outside, and the tip of the box upside down, and mice will run away.

It features one-way swinging door and is every effective.

5. Kness Tip-Trap

It has really simple and impressive design and is made up of thermoplastic, resistant to stain and odors.

Unlike other traps, it’s very easy to clean and can be used again and again or you can dispose of it after the mouse is caught. To catch the mice, you need to open up the door at the front and take the bait cap from the back.

Now put some peanut butter and put the back on. The mouse will smell the pea-butter and come up through the front door and reach the titled part, now trap get off balanced and it closes the front door. This is how Kness Tip-Trap catch mouse:

To release the mice, you just need to open the front door and it will run away.

6. CasMac Humane Mouse Trap

It’s one of the best and mouse friendly, humane mouse trap available in the market. It’s a cylindrical shaped box made up of wire mesh.

It has two openings made up of plastic, one at the top and another at the bottom. The bottom of the trap has two sections, one for water and another for bait, put some peanut butter as a bait.

The bottom of the wire mesh let the mice see and smell the bait. The mice will enter the trap from the top to eat the bait and get stuck inside it. Check out how to do that:

This is the only trap that provides food, shelter and water to mice. To release the mice, you need to untwist the bottom and mouse will run away.

Additional Tip: Having a cat in your home is the best and natural way to get rid of the mouse because you’re allowing nature take control of itself. It’s a cycle of life.

So out of these which one is you find the best humane mouse trap? Let us know in the comments