Sure, you’ve heard all the hype about organic food, but there are still skeptics out there who don’t think it matters. They just eat any old thing and then they wonder why they feel so bad all the time and don’t have any energy.

Duh! As it turns out, though, organic food isn’t just better for them, it’s better for everybody, and that includes ‘Mr. Environment’ and ‘Mother Earth.’

Organic vs Inorganic Food - advantages

The skeptics, though, still want a specific reason why organic food is so much better.  Well, here are 33 of them:

1. Organic farming is better for the wildlife that are around it.

2. Organic farming is a lot better for the soil in which things are grown.

3. Organic food is better when it comes to animal reproduction.

4. Organic food can help you avoid a stroke

5. Organic food can help you avoid a heart attack

6. Eating organic food can help reduce your risk of cancer.

7. There are more nutrients in organic food.

8. Testing of organic apples show that they are better in virtually every way.

9. Organic crops raises more food faster, so it could feed the world.

10. Organic farming helps protect us from climate change.

11. Even in drought conditions, there are higher yields with organic foods.

12. Organic food is safer because of the lack of dangerous pesticides.

13. Organic farming doesn’t use any chemical herbicides to kill weeds.

14. Organic farming doesn’t use any chemical insecticides to protect their crops.

15. Only natural fertilizers are used at organic farms.

16. Organic farmers treat their animals humanely.

17. Farmers who are organic have clean housing and outdoor areas for animals.

18. On an organic farm, animals are not given growth hormones and antibiotics.

19. There are forty percent more antioxidants in organic vegetables and fruits.

20. There are sixty percent more antioxidants in organic milk.

21. It can make men more virile and increase their sperm count.

22. Children can benefit from organic because they don’t receive so many chemicals during their most formative years.

23. Pregnant women who eat organic can have better pregnancies and healthier babies.

24. Organic foods can guard against hyperactivity.

25. Migraines can be lessened by eating organic foods.

26. Eating organic food can help protect bones against things like osteoporosis.

27. Organic farming replaces all of the minerals lost from the soil, so the new crop of organic plants can have access to them as well.

28. Organic produce doesn’t have the extra water weight that conventional produce does, so you’re just paying for the food, not a bunch of diluted food in water.

29. If you eat organic you can ward off illnesses better and recover faster from the ones that you do get.

30. If you’re older, eating organic can help keep you from losing neurological functions as quickly.

31. Organic food is free of any genetic modifications.

32. There aren’t any hidden costs, like the ones for pesticide removal from drinking water from conventional farming.

33. Organic farms have high standards and are inspected often, so they have to live up to what they say they are doing.

The next time someone chides you for eating organic and wants to know what’s so great about it, you can give them something from this list. Better yet, print it out and hand it to them. Let them pick their favorite reason.