What Is Neem Oil?

Neem oil is refined from the seeds of the neem, the Azadirachta indica. The neem is an evergreen tree that grows in the Indian sub continent. The oil is extracted from the seeds by crushing the seed through methods such as cold crushing and temperature control processing.

The oil used for many things from medicinal uses to pest control. It is most well known as a botanical pesticide as well as for personal use to deter mosquitoes and lice. For years, the flat leaves have been crushed onto the skin to repel against mosquitoes, this way – the oils are directly released onto the skin.

Neem oil has been said to smell of a combination of garlic, and peanut oil. It is a medium to dark brown color and is a popular choice as an alternative to pesticides.

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The neem oil is often sprayed on crops as an organic substitute for other insecticides that are harsher and known carcinogens. The insects that are repelled by the neem oil are; aphids, flies, gnats, meely bug, cabbage worm and mites. When neem oil is used on vegetables it does not result in poisoning as other insecticides, and pesticides can.

Not only does neem oil protect crops against pests and insects but it protects against rust, fungus and mildew. At the same time, the neem oil does not affect beneficial insects that frequent the crops, like; butterflies, earthworms and bees. It is a widely beneficial oil that has been used for generations in India, and beyond.

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6 thoughts on “What Is Neem Oil?

  1. I love neem oil and use it all the time, its actually good to put a drop on your toothbrush, or even dry need powder…cleans your teeth squeeky clean. Neem is a great antifungal.


  2. Thanks Mandy!! I also love your site :) I LOVE LOVE LOVE anything all about natural products, and how to take better care of our health…great job!

    :) Sheila

  3. Ha for a second I thought your name was “lice eggs” I switched the name so your comment didn’t get deleted as spam.

    Thanks for the insight Sheila!

  4. Neem oil!! oh yes, my trusty little friend…you can actually use neem powder or the oil just a dab will do it…on your toothbrush to brush your teeth, add water of course. But if you want a clean, fresh mouth, that will do it. Neem kills germs and bacteria, and is super for toothpaste. If you hate the taste, you can also add to your regular toothpaste!!

    And you can also add a touch of peppermint oil too, if you want to your brushing for great breath too!

    Works great! Natural is the best way to keep healthy, I believe.

    Thanks for the info on Neem!


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