Ways to Have a Year Round Garden

1158268_green_heartsEveryone loves the beauty of a garden that is in full bloom and for most of us that don’t have allergies, the perfume that blows through the air as you walk through the garden is a welcome fragrance.  If you have always wanted a garden, but the weather conditions in your area make it tough to do, consider a greenhouse or an indoor garden.  Both are fairly easy to maintain and can give you that touch of elegance and beauty for which you have been looking.


Indoor Garden


When one refers to an “indoor garden”, it is unlikely that they are suggesting that the carpet be pulled up, soil laid, seeds planted and produce harvested in your living room.  Rather, it is simply a term that refers to a manageable and convenient size box, of sorts, which can be placed by a window.  With these small boxes, generally rectangular in shape to accommodate the size of the window sill, you can plant small flowers and keep them in bloom all year round.  During the winter months, you may want to move the box from the window, unless you have a heating source to keep the plants warm at night.  The downside to these gardens is that, if there is someone in the home with allergies, it would be hard to escape the pollen.


Going With a Greenhouse


Greenhouses are the perfect solution for anyone that wants a piece of spring all year round, but has someone in the home with allergies.  These stand-alone structures are separate from the home and only those that want to enjoy your garden will have that opportunity.  With a greenhouse, you are in control of how much or how little is grown, what is grown, even when you want things to bloom.  For those that love to work in a garden all year round, greenhouses are the perfect solution.  However, they are big and can be expensive, if you do not build them yourself.


Whether you go with a greenhouse or you choose to take a chance with an indoor garden, you have options, when it comes to seeing your roses bloom all year.  Spring is a beautiful time.  The flowers are in bloom and depending on the garden, it can seem as if nature was playing a symphony with color.  By creating your own year round garden, you get to experience that feeling anytime you want.


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