Shaking Off The Dinner Guilt

“I can’t believe I ate the whole thing,” have you ever said these words shortly after engaging in a calorically huge meal.  I think all of us at some time have overindulged and regretted it just moments afterwards.  If you are trying to lose weight or just eating healthy it’s hard to shake off the guilt and get back on track, but you have to keep your diet or eating plan moving.  If you dwell on the guilt and waddle in the remorse of your over indulgence you are setting yourself up for repeating your faux pas.  If healthy eating or dieting is new to you developing a cache of healthy dinner recipes is something you might want to spend time doing.  By having meals already planned out you can avoid just grabbing an unhealthy choice or overeating at mealtime.  Planning ahead is one of the basic keys to a successful weight loss plan.  By spending time to make sure you are staying within your caloric guidelines you can avoid the pitfall of quick high caloric choices when you are most vulnerable, when you are hungry.


Getting Back on Track


If you have ever set out to loose weight or to eat healthier you have probably faced the dilemma of getting off track with your meal choices.  The foods that we love the most and that may have caused us to have to diet in the first place are always tempting us to indulge.  There are some choices you can make to avoid these foods, but sometimes their lure in unavoidable, having a cache of easy healthy dinner recipes on hand will help you stay on track.  For instance if you have to prepare meals for your family, you may be tempted to prepare high caloric recipes that are your families favorites, but there are ways to prepare lower calorie alternatives for your weight loss plan.  Or suppose your downfall is sweets, having treats in the kitchen cupboards for other family members keeps them at your fingertips, tempting you to indulge in their yummy goodness.  Try preparing low fat, low sugar versions of favorite deserts to please your sweet tooth.


Group Participation


If you have a good support system, your friends and family members are encouraging you to loose weight or eat healthier, you can ask that they make dietary adjustments along with you so that temptations to overeat are not in your face.  Maybe having other family members prepare meals will help you to avoid snacking or tasting while cooking.  Whatever it takes to get to your goal, remember you can get there, just keep getting back on the right track when you overindulge.






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