Planning An Urban Garden

Any time you are thinking of planning a garden always be sure that you have checked the soil to see what type of things are underneath the ground. You always need to be sure that the soil has enough nutrients to provide you with a wonderful garden. If you do not know the history of the ground that you are thinking of planting your garden on, then you need to do a few necessary steps.

First Step

The best thing you can do is find out what is under the ground before you decide to plow it up. Getting a few metal detectors on your ground will help you figure out if you have anything that is large buried under the dirt. If you locate something large thing you need to dig it up so that you don’t break any of your equipment when it comes time to start plowing.

Additional Steps

After you have determined that your dirt is free of any large objects then it is time to plow your dirt. Be sure that you plow it up really good so that when it comes time to plant your garden it will be very easy for you to get all of the plants and seeds properly planted. You also need to be sure that you fertilize your dirt.  Also be sure to tend to your garden daily so that you do not have any weeds growing while you are trying to get your garden grown. These are all very important steps in order to get your dirt prepared for a garden.

When you have planted your garden it is time for you to make sure you do the normal daily maintenance. Always be sure that your dirt is watered and that you have pulled any weeds that might have snuck up. Your garden is going to be a great addition to your summer.

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