Overwhelmed by Zucchinis?

It’s not everyday that you hear someone say they are in love with zucchinis.  It’s probably not the first item you purchase in your produce department either.  However, zucchinis are useful for many reasons.  You don’t need to be overwhelmed by a zucchini.  Instead, use them to your advantage in the kitchen.

Make Bread

The first thing you should make with this amazing vegetable is some bread.  You can find a zucchini bread recipe online.  It’s easier than it sounds to make this delicious bread.  Plus, it is the perfect bread for your fall season.  This bread is filling and healthy.  It’s a great way to help your kids get the nutrients they need without forcing food down their stomachs.  It is also a great gift.  You can make a loaf for someone who is sick.  Or you can give one to your friend who is having a bad day.  This simple act of thoughtfulness will make a big difference to others.

Try A Salad

Next, consider whipping up a zucchini centered salad.  You can mix this vegetable with roasted almonds and croutons.   Many people actually use zucchini croutons to make this meal even more delicious.  It’s also really healthy as well.  Plus, you are eating all natural ingredients.  When you combine them together they taste amazing.  Some people even enjoy this salad without dressing.  It’s a great side to bring to your next party or to serve your friends at a luncheon.

Make Pasta

Finally, many people love Italian meals.  Zucchinis are actually an amazing compliment to the pastas that Italians serve.  You can use them in your sauce.  This is the most common use for them.  However, others are more creative.  If you are in the mood for something good, try zucchini in your lasagna.  It is the best additive for your meal.  It makes it heartier and healthier.  Try it to day and discover something amazing

These ideas are simple and effective ways to utilize zucchinis.  This vegetable is not nearly as complicated as it sounds.  Try not to be intimidated.  Instead, enjoy discovering new uses for this food.


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