Nike Goes Green

1263263_97405157Since the push to go green many companies have made gains which not that long ago did not seem possible. The push has mostly been driven by pressure from both consumers and organizations with an agenda to save the environment and cut waste; although a few companies have been self-motivated to become better conservationist. There has also been some pressure from employees who have unnecessarily been exposed to toxic by-products because of careless production methods. These employees often can affect change by demanding better working conditions.

When you are watching the NCAA Basketball Tournament game or placing your bet on march madness action, you probably won’t be thinking much about saving the planet but the shoes players wear can be made with products that lessen the impact on the planet when produced smartly. Nike has taken a lot of heat in the past for their labor practices but when it comes to the environment, Nike seems like they are willing to make some positive and meaningful changes to the way they produce their products.

Talking Trash

Nike has been a leader in the field of responsible production. A few years ago they established a recycling program and a shoe, marketed as the “Trash Talk” which is entirely constructed of recycled or synthetic material. The leather is scrap from other manufacturing and the mid-sole is made from factory foam found on the floor. NBA Superstar Steve Nash officially introduced the finished product.

The Nike N7 Collection is another shoe engineered with the environment in mind. The philosophy behind this project is that when something is manufactured you need to keep in mind its environmental impact on the next seven generations.

Sustainability Strategy

Nike has an entire sustainability strategy spelled out in great detail on the company website. Nike talks about taking note of their environmental impact and redefining business performance to help improve the impact they are making.

Currently Nike does not crack the top ten for the rankings of the greenest companies in the world or even in America. Companies like Dell, Sprint and IBM are way ahead of them. Going green for Nike is a long and well thought out process. Still there is certainly more that they need to do to really be effective but this shoe company is making strides in the right direction.


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