Is it possible to live 200 years or longer? | Gotu-Kola

Meet Li-Chin Yuen.

Time magazine says he was 256 years old when he died in 1933.

According to record he may have been born in 1677, and survived 23 wives and fathered hundreds of children.

Li Ching-Yun.

Li-Chin Yuenwas a Taoist master, a respected herbalist and a major proponent of Gotu-Kola for longer life.

So what is Gotu-Kola and what does it do?

Goto-KolaGotu-Kola has been used to heal wounds, treat skin diseases, cancer, depression, and has also been known to produce a mild relaxing affect on the nervous system, is good for stress and anxiety, and can improve concentration and mental focus.

It’s also known to help with better blood circulation, and high blood pressure.

It helps with sleeplessness and epilepsy. In Sri Lanka they use it for sinus and arthritis and to strengthen the immune system.

So the question should be, “What doesn’t it do?”

And now a new question, can I grow it?

Please stay in tune for part 2.


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4 thoughts on “Is it possible to live 200 years or longer? | Gotu-Kola

  1. the gotu cola variety in my garden is completely rounded and leaf stalk’s centrally located, the mintyness is just so heavy, does anybody have an idea if this a good variant? cause in the intenet i haven’t seen this variety

  2. Could you tell me what kind of climate is needed for growing gotu Kola ?
    thank you very much for your help.

  3. Dear Sir/Madam,

    Could you please advice me where I can find gotu kola branches with roots ( i guess a very small one is ok*)+ the price of it/Shipping to Turkey and that I can quickly plant it to my garden and grow it because I think it is very hard for me to germinate them.
    Best Rgds,
    *Truth is, once you’ve got it, you’ve always got it – in superabundance! It can quickly become a weed, and can become an environmental thug. (Roots will grow from every stolon that touches the soil – and there’s a stolon every 3-4cm or so along every runner!) The climate in SE QLD is perfect for it.

  4. Dear Sir,
    How can I obtain some Gotu kola seeds with a root and leaves so that I can quickly plan to my garden.
    Best Rgds,

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