How To Make Your Own Organic Perfume

Most people don’t think about making their own perfume. They just go to the store and buy what they like. But wouldn’t you like to have something that was totally unique and just for you?

You can, quite easily, right in your own home.

The majority of perfumes cost so much because of the packaging, advertising, shipping, and everything else that goes into them. The scent itself is only about 10% of the cost – so you could save yourself 90% on the perfume that you use by making one yourself.

The first thing you need are essential oils, which are easy to buy. You can buy everything from a dram (a tiny, sample-style tube) all the way up to a gallon. Buy smaller amounts first, until you’re sure what you’re doing and that you like the scent.

The other main ingredients in perfumes are alcohol and water. You’ll want to use spring water because it is clean and clear and free of chemicals that might cause a reaction with the oils.

For the alcohol, you can use either 100-proof vodka or brandy. Really! Brandy has an aroma, though, so be aware that it might get in the way of the oils and their scents. You should end up with 15-30% essential oil, 70-85% alcohol, and water for the rest of the formula.

If you want a lighter perfume, you can cut back on the oils a bit. Make sure you record the formula, and store your perfume away from sunlight.

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4 thoughts on “How To Make Your Own Organic Perfume

  1. This is a great article to see. Most people when they are buying perfumes are buying synthetic chemicals. The best french fragrance house by far is Guerlain. Each essential oil also has over 75 compounds that are beneficial to health. In fact they are the most potent part of the plant.

  2. 100 proof Vodka, mixed with oil & water will never give you 70-85% Alcohol- by definition, 100 proof is 50% Alcohol, 50% other stuff (mostly water in Vodka)

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