Green Worm In My Garden: Yuck! (picture)

This little green worm was hanging out with my radishes. The picture is a little out of focus because he was on the move. I wanted to take the picture and catch him before he disappeared into the foliage.

Green worm in my garden.

The best way to get rid of these little pesky little guys is to pick them off. If you are a little squeamish, you can always spray some neem oil on leaves to deter them.

They usually like to hang out and snack on broccoli, cauliflower and radish leaves.


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9 thoughts on “Green Worm In My Garden: Yuck! (picture)

  1. So, will those little green worms hurt you if you eat one of them by accident? I think they came in the box of spinach from costco…. and I had one in my mouth and caught it just in time. but who knows if we ate others. Any input?

  2. I must admit that i found one of these in a cauliflower i bought from the store, and i was so psychologically disturbed because i never see these in my cauliflower from the store, that i through it all out. What a waste! But i should have perhaps took it as a sign that that particular cauliflower was probably not sprayed with pesticides, but then again.. im not sure.. thanks for the picture and comments!

  3. Hate these little creeps. will smash the crap otta then this summer if they ruin anymore of my plants!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Absolutey GROSS little buggers, slimy greenhorn worms ruied my biggest & best Tomaot palnt and I am still fuming!

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