Got Cockroaches? Repel Those Rascals The Green Organic Way!

Now that the weather has started to really warm up I have noticed that the roaches have decided to stop by our home to say hello.


I have nothing against roaches but I am really not a fan of having them hangout in my house.

Yuck! Cockroach!

Here are a couple easy, natural repellents for cockroaches.

  • The mint spray that we use on the ants can be used for roaches as well. Spray around the outside of your doorways and windows. You can also spray this on kitchen counter tops and inside cabinets.
  • Bay leaves will repel roaches. Place them all around your kitchen and in the cabinets. Just a side note if you place a bay leaf in your bag of flour, you won’t get weevils.
  • Roaches don’t like the smell of cedar. You can pick up essential cedar oil and mix it with some rubbing alcohol in a squirt bottle. Spray around all your doorways and windows. You can also place cedar chips around your home to deter roaches from entering.

Quick Tip For Roach Control:

I am not a fan of killing any living thing. However, if you must, squirting the roach with rubbing alcohol will kill it almost instantly.

Using green options to control cock-roaches instead of chemicals like RAID is better for our bodies and our planet!

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5 thoughts on “Got Cockroaches? Repel Those Rascals The Green Organic Way!

  1. thanks sooooo much we have found cockroaches in our home and are affriad there are more. your tips realy will help!!!!!!!!!! thank you!

  2. I am trying to get rid of fleas on my ferret. the vet wants me to use chemicals but i know there has to be another way. i tried cedar bedding, baby powder, and cedar bedding mixed with rosemary. all it did was stain his coat orange please help my poor little guy.

  3. Hi Mandy!
    I stumbled across your cockroach picture in google images and was wondering if I would be able to get your permission to use it in a short college video about the humble roach.
    Thanks a bunch, hope to hear from you soon!

  4. i have water bugs in my apartment in im very terrifed of them, i now have a soution to get rid of them for good thanks alot ;-)

  5. 1.Mosquitoes

    These two are extremely annoying and stubborn,and difficult to control,and can drive you crazy.I hate them.


    These 4 are easy to control with minimum effort.I do not even need to kill them coz they are obedient.

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